Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 30 -- Tuck me in

For anyone who has children--or was once a child who was not raised by leopards--you know that story time is an integral part of the bed time ritual.  In our family, we allow the Princess three story books, with a fourth story if she gets ready for bed quickly.  She can pick whatever books she chooses from her collection in her room provided that they are short and not horribly banal.  We then sit on her floor with her in Mommy's lap and Daddy reading her each book, precisely in the order she dictates.

For the last few weeks one book has been a staple of hers, and therefore been read over and over again.  Tuck Me In by Dean Hacohen offers a simple tale of animals lying on a pillow ready to be tucked in.  The Princess can do that by flipping over a half sheet of paper that serves as a blanket, and then repeat the process with another adorable animal.  The dialogue is incredibly simple, so perfect for younglings who are starting to read words.  Every animal tuck in has the same dialogue:
Narrator: Who needs to be tucked in?
Baby Whatever: I Do
Narrator: Good night, Baby Whatever.  Who else needs to be tucked in?
If you don't believe me, see the pictures below.  (We'll talk about your trust issues later.)

Although, the story must have been a little tame for the Princess.  I say this as she she has started to add angst-ridden dialogue for the various animal sleepers.  The story now has grown into problems revolving around sleep toys and a rather hungry alligator (who gets "tucked in" on page 7).  And while the story changes on a nightly basis, tonight it went a little something like this:
Narrator:  Who needs to be tucked in?
Baby Pig:  I do!
Narrator:  Good night, Baby Pig.  Do you have you sleep toy?
Baby Pig:  No.
Narrator:  What happened to it?
Baby Pig:  Alligator ate it.
Narrator:  Oh, no.  What did you say to him?
Baby Pig:  I said, "Don't eat my sleep toy!"
Narrator:  And what did Alligator say?
Baby Pig:  Yum.
Narrator:  That's ok, we'll make you another one in the morning.  This time it won't be made out of food.  It will be made from plastic.  Who else needs to be tucked in?
Unfortunately, we do not know why Alligator eats the toys.  It's probably that all the animal's toys are made from a meat-based product.  Or he could just be a jerk.  Whatever the reason, he's been on a tear lately and shows no remorse. 

I do know that a book that used to take 3 minutes to read now takes about 15.  And even though we read it so much that the binding has come loose, the story seems fresh and surprising every single night.


  1. That's awesome. Also? It sounds like the Princess is either a great manipulator or a great storyteller. Or both. :)

    1. Definitely both. She now can stretch story time from 30 minutes to almost an hour.