Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 20 -- Sochi, so what

Hey, did you know that the Winter Olympics started today?  Neither did I, until I heard the familiar Olympic theme song after Jeopardy ended.  I look up, and there was good ol' Bob Costas sitting at a familiar anchor desk about to announce the preliminary events we would witness tonight.  Unfortunately, he looks like he just came down with a case of Popeye eye.

Well, blow me down! Arrg guh-guh-guh-guh!
According to Mr. Costas, he woke up with his eye swollen shut and "as red as the former Soviet flag."  Hopefully the thing is minor and he can get back to wearing his contacts, or even some more stylish glasses.  My theory is that he got some of the Sochi water in his eye.  Evidentially, that's a problem, as described by Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St. Claire:

It seems that Russian host city, Sochi, couldn't quite fix itself up in time for the Olympic games.  This despite seven-years and a $50 billion price tag.   Water seems to have a interesting hue:

Stacy St. Clair's water after it was "fixed"

Toilets have been interestingly constructed:

Standing ovation!

The provided bin

Sochi is for lovers

With interesting signage:

No fishing!  Oh, come on!
Streets aren't paved.  Stray dogs abound (currently being rounded up and slaughtered because they are "biological trash").  And entire hotel rooms haven't been finished.  But don't worry, the games officially start tomorrow and everything should be fine then.  Just ask them. (You should be able to make contact by just powering on your phone.)  According to ABC News, every type of communication is being tapped for "security reasons."

If this isn't the most exciting games on the ice, it definitely will be the most exciting plumbing experience.  Need more Sochi Problems?  Follow @sochiproblems on Twitter.  At least it will be good for a laugh.

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