Milstone Checklist

On September 24th, 2013, I wrote a blog post that listed goals for the blog that I hope to achieve before this Internets fad dies out.  This page now acts as a master list of milestones.  It will be continuously updated and revived, so check back often.

  • Get a mention on Social media from someone I don't know: (Tripping the Nerd Fantastic)
    Find out other ways to promote blog.  Follow up on one method.  Cancel lifetime resolution to not make any more friends.
  • Get over 1,000 page views for blog in total:
    Set up non-intrusive ads so papa can get paid!
  • Get a comment from someone I don't know: (The Future of Waiting)
    If good -- write post on subject no one will care about.  If bad -- consider career in Tibetan Monkery.
  • Get 100 page views for a new post
    Obtain a custom domain name
  • Get asked to guest write another person's blog OR guest write on my blog:
    Create page of blogs I read on a regular basis
  • Write for 1 year or 100 posts:
    Create widget of the Queen's favorite ten posts
  • Get 10,000 page views on blog
    Reveal the location of the Jade Monkey.

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