The story of this site

In June 2013, my lovely wife came into the bedroom where I had been enjoying a nice, leisurely nap and dropped a computer on my stomach.  She only said one word, "Write!", and left the room.  From that moment I became a writer, and now I consistently update Losing the Internets about twice a week.  My only regret is that I wished the Queen dropped my tablet on me and not the desktop.

All content comes strictly from my brain and is guaranteed to be 87% fact-free.  I wish I could fit this blog into a preconceived genre, like gardening or parenting or ritualistic bead harvesting, but I can't.  If you would like a more targeted creation, try my other projects:
  • See Jack Learn: Podcast, blog and forums about planning for college and surviving the transition between high school and higher education.  I draw on my experience in college access and bring experts in to discuss post-secondary topics in refreshingly honest conversations.
  • Marketing with Humanity: My "business" website with running blog about my views on internet marketing.  Generally aimed at small businesses and non-profits.
If you want a random cross-section of my life, boy have you come to the right place!  If you want daily interactions, visit me on Twitter at @jcgrubb.

Thank you,
The Management

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