Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 15 -- Telling a story

Not much of an introduction here.  I'm tired and have been hit in the head by a three-year-old flailing around with a Princess Sophia figurine like it's a sock full of butter.  So, instead I'm going to give you my nightly story ritual that I tell the Princess every night as she "lies" in bed ready for sleep.

Daddy: OK, what Princess story do you want tonight?

Princess: The one where she can't fall asleep!

Daddy: All right.  One night after a long day of playing...

Princess: NO!  The one where she goes to school!

Daddy: All right. One day the Princess woke up extra early...

Princess:  NO! The one where she goes to school!

Daddy: This is the one where she goes to school.

Princess:  Oh. OK.

Daddy: One day the Princess woke up extra early and got out of bed to brush her teeth and go potty...

Princess: I don't have to go potty.

Daddy: No one's saying you have to....

Princess: But I don't have to.

Daddy: I know.

Princess: Daddy.  Tell.  The.  Story.

Daddy:  One day the Princess woke up extra early and did all the stuff she was supposed to do in the morning.  Then she woke up her Daddy...

Princess:  Did she jump on him?

Daddy:  Sure.  She woke up her Daddy by jumping on him.  "It's time for school!" she yelled.

Princess:  <squeals with delight>

Daddy:  Shhh...lie down and listen.  You're supposed to be getting sleepy.  Now, Daddy got up and looked at the clock and said, "Princess, it's only 6:39.  We don't leave until 8:00."  So the Princess waits...

Princess:  Daddy.  Is it today?

Daddy:  Well, yes.  Tonight, actually.

Princess:  Is is tomorrow? 

Daddy:  No.  In the morning it will be tomorrow.  So the Princes waits and...

Princess:  Is tomorrow going to be today?

Daddy:  Wait?  What?  Sure.  So the Princess waits and waits and waits until it's finally time for school.  The her Daddy gets her in the car...

Princess: <starts babbling incoherently>

Daddy: Princess, are you listening or are we done?

Princess:  Daddy, Joey takes toys.

Daddy: OK

Princess:  What does Joey say?

Daddy: I don't know.  Um, give me that toy.

Princess: No!  You're supposed to say <yells> "Give me that toy!"

Daddy:  OK, now lie down.  Then Daddy gets her into the car.

Princess: No!  Say, "Give me that toy!"

Daddy:  Give me that toy.

Princess:  YOU SAID IT!

Daddy: OK.  Now lay down.  Daddy gets her into the car and drives her to school.  The end.

Princess:  Epilogue!

Daddy:  I'm glad we taught you that word.  At school she plays with toys and learns some stuff and eats lunch.  The end.

Princess:  Epilogue 2!

Daddy:  <sigh> Um, then she plays some more...

Princess: With Jenny?

Daddy:  Yes, and Lindsay and Hiram, and Silas, and Hudsyn, and everyone, and they all had a great time until her Daddy picks her up and they go home.  The End.

Princess:  Epilogue 3!

Daddy:  Then they get dinner and then go to sleep.  The End.

Princess:  Good night, Daddy.  Go to bed.

Daddy:  Good night, Princess.  I love you.

Princess:  I love you, too.

Daddy: <turns to leave>

Princess:  Now, go get Mommy.

End scene.

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